Holly Roach

Holly Roach is a Canadian artist now living in Auckland. She is a full time multidiscipline artist working on commissions of painting, illustration, screen printing and bespoke textile design and print.
Her works here at Kina are a blend of her on going inspiration of New Zealand birds, surface design and screen printing. Her images often reflect her interest in mid-century modern design and traditional folk art found in different cultures. Her paintings are formed by printing layer upon layer of pattern, shape and colour created by hand cut stencils.  Although repetitive screen printing techniques are used each painting is a one off original work.  
These works not only reflect Holly’s love of birds and their surroundings, but also the idea that ‘song’ is a common thread that runs through the natural world.
As well as birds, we also associate song with with romance and love. ‘Pairing’ often occurs with a  backdrop of song. It’s often the wallpaper of our life memories, which Holly is inspired to literally convey in her work. Holly’s patterns represent not only the birds surrounding but possibly the tune that surrounds them.
“I also think birds have this ability to take us into the present moment. If we are not that aware of their song, then they just become part of that wallpaper that surrounds us, always there but rarely noticed. Creating works of art inspired by birds has also created a small but lovely stillness in my very busy head, for which I am grateful”. 

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