Ethique is a 100% solid skin and hair care company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. They are committed to making amazing-smelling, seriously bubbly hair, face and body bars using natural ingredients and compostable, or reusable packaging.

In 2012 the owner, Brianne, started mixing up unique formulas in her kitchen, with the desire to create products that were fun to use whilst being a bit different, which didn't contribute to the massive amounts of wasteful packaging in the industry.

Now Ethique have outgrown the kitchen and have set up in a lab, but their core guiding principle remains the same: healthy products, made with sustainable, naturally derived ingredients & minimal, compostable packaging.

Why bars?

Solid cosmetics have loads of benefits. They last for ages because they’re so concentrated – one bar can last as long as five bottles of its liquid relative. They're easier to travel with. We can skip the plastic bottles and use compostable paper packaging. 
Try it & give up the bottle.

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