Artist - Emma Boyd

"I love that my camera has a double life. In my commercial work as a food photographer I am usually given art direction and constrained by the needs and wants of the client. But when I pick up my camera for me, I am guided by my frame of mind, curiosity, the light and the set of variables within my camera. It becomes a form of meditation through which I can begin to tell a story, set a mood and stir emotions.

These photographs are a collision of my interest in flowers, light and how both can be manipulated through the camera lens to capture a fleeting moment in time. It is my way of showing my deep love and appreciation of this place and its beauty. Since I first picked up a camera as a teenager I have photographed flowers, making this portfolio of work a personal marker for me of how much my practice continues to change and evolve as I distil my voice as a photographer."

Artists: D - H
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