Darryl Fagence

Darryl specialises in contemporary glass bowls, interior and exterior glass sculptures and wall art.  He has an intense passion for creating new pieces; a drive that has kept him at the leading edge of forming glass in New Zealand for 24 years. His most popular, yet ever changing, gold glass bowls are the most challenging. The gold, if too hot, burns out. If too cool, the design will not take on the underside of the bowl. While draping onto the stainless steel form a tolerance of plus or minus five degrees at orange heat can determine the outcome. Bronze lustre fired on the edge completes the design.  

A pacific influence has evolved in the new wall art and sculptural pieces. 

The koru design on both the black and the green acid etched bowls are proving a huge success both locally and internationally.

“Past, present and future inspire the glass design. Creating new pieces sets the challenge finishing the pieces, completes the dream.”