Artist - Darktopia


Darktopia is a collaborative partnership between sculptor, Perry, and painter, Anika.

Perry handcrafts endearingly delinquent characters from recycled timber. Though distinctive for his back-of-the-bus smart-assery and rogue humour, Perry’s work testifies to a reverence of raw materials and form. Modest and streamlined by design, his creations contain a delightfully curt wit, revealed in small details and subtle innuendos. As an experienced wood worker and craftsman, Perry shapes crude, organic materials into fine-finished, limited edition, designer collectibles. From the coffee-stained depths of his dusty workbench, Perry gives life to mischievous oddities, a humble Doctor Frankenstein with a wood chip in his shoulder.

Anika has a PhD in Fine Art. Her work explores themes of identity, nostalgia and longing for people and places, lost or imagined. She is also fascinated by the oscillating nature of personal relationships, between binding and alienating. Anika is attracted to the evocative nature of small works, which invite personal reverie with their balance of wry whimsy, subtle poignancy and tender violence.