Artist - Chauncey Flay


Chauncey Flay is a sculptor who currently lives in New Plymouth. He makes small scale abstract geometric sculptures from a wide range of found materials such as rock, minerals, bricks, coral, obsidian, cement and Lego. His work explores the transformation of 'found’ materials with no value in both man-made and natural environments, creating a new aesthetic from their reconstructed forms.

Bunker series

"These works are part of a series of small sculptures called Bunkers, which are part of a general theme I’ve been developing around the idea of the ‘imagined landscape’. 
I use mainly simple and common stones in my work. In the bunker series I’ve used greywacke sourced from quarries around Pio Pio and Te Kuiti.
The stones go through a process of deconstruction – literally breaking them into pieces, and then I reconstruct them back into forms using a combination of natural surfaces and surfaces carved into geometric facets. 
The resulting architectural forms have a slightly ominous feel to them and sit like manmade abstract geometric structures on a barren mountain landscape."