Artist - Cam Munroe

'The act of seeing' an exhibition of Cam Munroe's latest acrylic and mixed media paintings at Kina Gallery opens 16th October 2020.

Cam's works have a strong graphic quality where she uses her own vocabulary of motifs and symbols that echo a timeless use of communication through the ages of man. The works read as a written form of language or code.

Cam brings the work into a pleasing alignment and resolution using mainly muted tones with hints of vibrant colour peeking out from behind the blacks and whites. There is an unplanned yet calculated aesthetic. The paintings often have a mathematical and visual problem-solving quality that tempts the viewer to 'crack the code'.

“I try to convey a sense of timeless communication by capturing its lasting magic. I think the viewer needs to trust their own interpretation, to enjoy the work on an aesthetic surface level but to also trust they can inherently read and decipher the work for themselves. It is not rocket science, but it’s fun to hear what people come up with.”

Growing up in New Zealand , Cam finished her studies in Australia and earned a B.A in Fine Art at the Sydney Gallery School, collecting many awards. Returning to New Zealand in 1994.  She has an extensive exhibiting history spanning 30 years. Her work is sought after and hangs in private and public collections worldwide.

Exhibition Opening 16th October 2020, 5pm. All Welcome