Artist - Anneke Moore exhibition

New Plymouth based artist, Anneke Moore, will exhibit her latest collection of “Light Works” pieces for the first time at KINA NZ Design + Artspace in New Plymouth with her exhibition titled, MERAKI.

MERAKI - Is the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

This exhibition features a selection of light works on old and new x-ray boxes. The collection of works is based on and influenced by a medical journey that has been watched as a parent.

These pieces are an expression of emotion and the processing of events that are out of our hands.

In life watching can be hard, frustrating, painful, scary, and heart wrenching, but equally it can be beautiful, inspiring and incredibly humbling.

Anatomical hearts, brains and sign language are used to tell a story of appreciation, these thought provoking pieces Anneke hopes people can not only enjoy but perhaps in their own way connect with.

These works are all about how we process these emotions... because some times words just aren’t enough.

Anneke and the team at Kina welcome all to attend the opening.

Opening Friday 6th July 5pm.

This collection is empty.