Annie Smits Sandano


"For the works presented in my new series of copper plate engravings I step into the rich contemporary London tattoo and graffiti visual culture surrounding me and take icons from the New Zealand flora and fauna visual vocabulary along for the ride. I've looked at fusing the British city urban aesthetic with the rich tradition of British botanical illustration using elements like the crab and crayfish plucked from the New Zealand image bank as a vehicle for representation. The images speak to the exchange between the aesthetic culture I come from and the one I am immersed in, and the resulting hybrid. I also seek to emphasise elements from my European heritage and the Scandinavian attitude towards an analogue lifestyle which is core to my work - nothing is computer generated in any way, everything is made by hand from start to finish celebrating the rich traditions of laborious hand painting and hand printing."

Edition of 40

Copper plate etching with hand applied watercolour detail

Artist Proof edition.

dimension: 500mm x 350mm paper size