Aotearoa2020 Exhibition

2020 has been unlike any other...

We have collectively faced off to an urgent transnational, cross-demographic problem not seen for generations. As a nation we all have been impacted in some way and much of it is tough to say the least. But as New Zealanders we banded together.

Our minds have been altered and changed.
We look at the world, our nation, our communities and ourselves with new perspectives, dreams, ideas and thoughts.

This November Kina NZ Design + Art Space will host an exhibition that celebrates this...our nation’s creations / reflections.

Contemporary New Zealand artists will present their work accompanied by written text with their thoughts on the year 2020.

Aotearoa 2020 is an opportunity for us to celebrate being creative and to provide the platform for high calibre, original works created during this uniquely challenging year.

Artists exhibiting include:

Alana Clarke / Anna Korver / Blue Black / Candy Clarke / Chauncey Flay / Christine Cook / Georgie Hoby-Scutt / Jane Brenton-Rule /

Jenny Pullar / Kiri Scott / Marita Green / Maurice Lye / Susan Braithwaite / Tabatha Forbes 

12 November - 1 December 2020