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Exhibition Blog

Into the Lounge

The Kina Angels invite you ‘Into the Lounge’ this month at Kina Gallery. 

Imagine: A reading chair, coffee table, standing lamp, a couch, a bed and the rug it sits upon are individually hand crafted pieces un-like any other. All built, decorated, and created by different local artists and wrapped up into one living space.

Kina has collaborated with 5 local female artists for a one of a kind group show.

Deborah French, Julianne Lafferty, Kristina Weston, Marita Green, and Sarah Sampson will be the major contributors to the exhibition space with furniture, textiles, wall art and handcrafts.

These women artists are creators of many things.  Together they are intrigued by textiles, wood, lacquers, paints, fabrics, colour, textures and using these elements to transform pieces for a second purpose or rebirth.

Using the techniques passed on from their grandmothers, their mothers, their Aunts, their sisters and from times past has helped them create and adapt their own personal style to each piece in this show.

We invite you to come take a seat on the couch, relax in the chair, and mingle in the dining area.  Dressing up retro/vintage for the opening event is welcomed but not mandatory. For your enjoyment the opening event will have live music performed by local singer songwriter Estella Winnie-McGee.  As well as cocktails and mocktails kindly supplied by Snug Lounge and retro appetisers supplied by Café Govett Brewster. 

This is the first time KINA has curated this type of show. Not only is it going to be functional art- it is a living art show. So come, enjoy and live in this space.