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Landmark, an exhibition by Royce McGlashen

Open to the public, with the opening 5pm Friday 7 June, this solo exhibition reflects the diversity of styles of Royce’s works. He is constantly exploring new ways to achieve his desired outcomes.

His skill with a brush has always been a major feature of his ceramic work and his expansion to works on paper was a natural progression.   Royce had been using pen and wash techniques as a hobby for many years, and in 1987 began working with watercolour and gouache. Throughout Royce’s career as a potter and painter the land, our mountains, waters and flora & fauna have influenced his work either consciously or unconsciously. 

The paintings on canvas are a semi abstracted reflection of specific places in New Zealand, with strong bold colours and a minimum of detail. The works on paper are more abstract landscapes using a different colour pallet with more muted tones and a more moody feel. 

The ceramic works in this exhibition have been selected to show the variety of themes within Royce’s repertoire. Decoration is often a feature of his work and he employs many different surface treatments including texture, brush strokes and a mixture of matt and shiny glazes. The Outback works use a free and loose brush decoration with ceramic crayons and fine lining to capture the colours of the high country regions of The South Island. The Headlands series are hand built, textured and use muted soft matt stain to convey a very familiar coastal New Zealand.

For several years Royce’s functional tableware production has focused on New Zealand shells and the three Limpet Bowls made of porcelain and the Sand Dollar Bowl see a move of this influence into the realm of ceramic art.

Royce McGlashen has been working professionally in the pottery industry for 47 years and has established a reputation both nationally and internationally for his ceramic works. Royce is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics and received an MBE for his services to pottery in New Zealand.

Landmark – Royce McGlashen Exhibition

7 June – 3 July, 2013

Kina NZ Design + Artspace, 101 Devon Street West, New Plymouth