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Floatation and Flight, an exhibition by Stacey O'Neill

Great energy at the opening, with lots of happy people and regular faces. After a long trip from Wellington, Stacey and her husband John mingled with the guests in the gallery.
Stacey is a Wellington based artist who works from her home studio in Eastbourne, surrounded by bush and sea. Her love of the bush is obvious and her observation for the detailing of New Zealand's native forest is reflected in her acrylic paintings. Her paintings draw you in taking you to what feels like another world. Dense and dark, the bush is alive with birds. Tall trees tower above shrubs and younger trees, beneath grow ferns and mosses. Sunlight filters through the lush foliage and birds and insects thrive. The serenity of water and sky enhance the appeal of her landscapes.  Time gets away on Stacey when painting landscapes - this puts a whole new meaning to being lost in the bush!
She generally paints with acrylic on canvas but also uses air-brush techniques, collage, various forms of mixed media and paint on wood. Well known for her attention to detail, Stacey says she finds this a very meditative process.
For many years she painted murals (both in public and private spaces), many of which have been in hospitals, medical centres and healing centres in New Zealand, Australia and Easter Island. She has found it very rewarding to see the effect of art on the healing process.
Stacey exhibits regularly in New Zealand and has sold work internationally to Japan, Asia, Europe, America, Australia and UK.
The series of works for the exhibition ‘Floatation and Flight’ is a selection of large and small works, incorporating images that move between the realms of oceans, earth and sky.
It is her wish that you receive as much delight from her work as she does in creating it.
The exhibition runs until Wednesday 5 June and of course Kina is open seven days a week, so came along and experience the delight of an untraditional landscape exhibition.  We also stock a selection of her gift cards and giclee blocks.