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Jacqueline Elley Prints Now Available

 This past November we were lucky to have local New Plymouth artist Jacqueline Elley grace our walls. Some of her works from "The Humble Collection' are now available at KINA Design + Art Space in limited edition certified gyclee prints. 

Below you will find her inspiration behind the works and understand her drive for the collection.



'As I pondered ideas for this series of paintings, I watched my young son lining up his toy cars, making order of his collection. In no time, other people’s collections I knew of were popping into my mind, and my concept of ‘grouped objects’ formed itself for this exhibition.
I saw the idea of working with people’s collections - a quirky, domestic subject matter - as a fun opportunity to approach the genre of still life and get back to the basics of painting - depicting light and form as well as playing with composition. Repetition of similar but differing forms gives aesthetic context to the neighbouring or grouping of forms, enhancing their character. I realised that there was something comforting, possessive and creative about accumulation of form and a "safety in numbers".
People collect for many different reasons; to accumulate objects for value or aesthetic appreciation, to follow an obsession, spark a passion, connect to the past or invest for the future. For some, it’s a purposeful endeavour, for some it's incidental. I believe the idea of collecting or grouping things says something of people’s character, passions and values: how they interact with the world.
My desire was to present images that were ‘natural’, capturing the collections as I found them. At times this created an old feel of an age or patina to my work and I retrieved my old brushes for scumbling, a painting technique to add a layer or broken, scratchy or rubbed colour on the very top surface of the painting. I enjoyed this textural contrast to the reflective shiny surfaces and diamonds of light I practise in my water paintings. With these works, I have savoured the different moods of each subject; the glowing cherubs, shiny cups, and dusty coffee makers create a whole new realm to immerse myself in each time I started a new painting, inspiring a conscious and controlled use of colour to enhance these moods.
I found that these humble collections I encountered conveyed the collectors’ own passion, empathy, endearment, joy and their eccentricities. Painting them has endeared me to these people and highlighted to me the warmer aspects of human nature through collecting'









(work above was not part of the exhibition 'The Humble Collection')