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Autumn is in the air....

Yep, the leaves are changing colour and Autumn is in the air, but don't let your spirit be dampened.....

In Kina, you can still enjoy the essence of Summer by capturing the floral and tropical fragrances, in the recently released skincare collection of Hibiscus Flower and Sweet Pea extracts. Treat yourself or a loved one with this well priced range.... The Kina Angel's are smelling beautiful. 

Go to 'New Work" to see the complete collection, it is impressive and with brightly coloured packaging too.

Also hot off the press is an additional colour to the "Swan" vase, the very fifties colour of spearmint.  So hot in fact, that while unwrapping this morning, the medium sized one sold, before we could put it out on display!  The colours are ivory, black, pink and spearmint. The supplier is calling the new colour duck egg blue but we think spearmint is more accurate. 
I recently attended a wedding and the bridal table had eight ivory swans fill of flowers and they looked amazing. Try replicating that at home?
Kina's new website is proving to be a hit,  keeping us and the post office busy!