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Exhibition Blog

We hope you enjoy x

Phew, we have made it and we're feeling rather chuffed......

Our website is finally up and running after months of critiquing the functionality, agreeing on the design, photographing, descriptive writing - not to mention the sleepless nights! All this on top of running a store, gallery space and business out of a historic building with a real letter box.

We are not taking our finger off the pulse just yet. The website demands...that everything is kept up to date.
Our New Zealand made, one off designs do not sit on the shelves for long, making the dusting less onerous, that's a positive.

If in New Plymouth pop into the shop, as what is shown on the website is only a snippet of what is available. Time is of the essence, more product will be added regularly to the website, we have some remarkable pieces due. So keep an eye or better still, became a "Friend of Kina" stay up to date and subscribe to our mailing list. Join us by entering your email address to the bottom, right hand side of our home page.  Facebook needs no introduction, Kina has one of those too, of course!

Luella is getting on with the job as the business owner.

New Artists are continually being sourced and stock unwrapped in between laughter and chatter. As you know, Kina's angels still provide exceptional service. After all, angels multitask.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty, we just keep getting better......xx