Exhibition Blog

Annie Smits Sandano

Flying Through Clouds 

Annie Sandano’s most recent exhibition, Flying through Clouds, is a whimsical and delightful celebration of contemporary printmaking practice in New Zealand.  The elaborate techniques of hand carving and printing continue to be a key factor within all of her works.

In this new collection, the fusion of folk art with New Zealand motifs directs the main characteristics of the collection. Bold floral and geometric silhouettes, which take their inspiration from a fusion of decorative arts, sit alongside New Zealand Tuis and Fantails in bright, fresh and colourful landscapes.

With a sharp eye for colour, compositions are assembled from combinations of warmer hues like chocolate browns, mocha, tangerine and persimmon orange in works like “Cinnamon Flower”. In other works like “Pacific Wind”, a crisp palette is established with the juxtaposition of ocean-side colours like aqua, lemon yellow, pastel blue and grey.

All works are made completely by hand from start to finish. Colours are all hand mixed, wooden blocks hand carved and works are individually printed by hand on a manual press. Annie Prizes the technical heritage of traditional printmaking and is a strong advocate of maintaining these processes alive without digital intervention.

With successful solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand since graduating from Elam School of Fine arts, and international representation, Annie is fast establishing herself as a fixture within the contemporary New Zealand art world. Her editions are selling out as a highly collectable addition to any art buyer’s collection. 

Exhibition Opening Thursday 14th March and runs until 10th April 2013.