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Stuf Exhibition Opening

StUF, a new exhibition by Helen Perrett and Susan St Lawrence, opens on 17th April at Kina.  It is an edited collection of objects and artefacts gathered by their heroine St Ursula Ferrett, over her lifetime.  St Ursula Ferrett was an insatiable explorer, plucky traveller, and tenacious detective; a woman who earned her sainthood from kindnesses (probably to animals). She hailed from a romantic era far enough back in time that things could be discovered and wondered over, brought home as souvenirs and curios. A time when women who were independent and curious were considered unusual and bold, but with hindsight regarded as heroines.

Some of the collection pieces were commissioned by Ursula as she reflected on people and creatures who passed through her life, others were gathered as mementos of a life lived well.  Whether it was from the high mountains of Corvaccia or the infamous ruins of Castle Riddlemoor, Ursula’s intrepid exploits can be tracked as she broke from her corsets and tackled the world and its mysteries head on.

“Our girl, Ursula, was adventurous and headstrong.  She didn’t always make the right decisions but she was out there, living life and learning.”
StUF is a rich and playful exhibition that aims to intrigue with plenty to look at and enjoy.