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Drawings a solo exhibition by Isaac Petersen


Born and bred on the coastal shores of New Plymouth’s rugged West Coast, Isaac developed his passion for the sea and surfing at an early age. This passion contributes to the lively style of his contemporary oil paintings. Shimmering aquamarine, gold and silver dance, contrasting with rich charcoal and taupe, dominating Petersen’s delightfully rendered local landscapes, imbuing the light catching the waves of New Plymouth’s beautiful sea with personal feeling. Here and there latent clusters of geomorphic rock dot the beach amidst ribbons of azure and the quixotic glimmer of lazy sea foam. A dedicated photorealist, Petersen’s extended oeuvre reflects the diverse territories he encounters while traveling abroad. Like his landscapes, his forays into more figurative subjects, pools, and urban territory possess the same care and clean, creamy lines.

Isaac Petersen was born and lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Before turning to oil paint he studied Graphic Design and received his Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2003. 

In this ‘Drawing’ exhibition, Isaac explores new mediums and subject matters. This was inspired by his desire to travel lightly abroad, bringing home what he creates.

Opening night is Friday March 20th at 5pm