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Hunting Time. Blake Dunlop preps for his Exhibition @ KINA

Taranaki born and raised, Blake Dunlop, prepares for his upcoming joint exhibition with Milarky titled 'Hunting Time'. 

The exhibition opens Friday 20th of February. 

Here is a little bit about Blake:

Words by Dev Capey

I’ve been lucky to have witnessed Blake as he’s transformed from someone who hides these abnormal interpretations of the world to someone who now openly shares them. And’s he’s managed to do this while projecting an image of bumbling misdirection and casual failure. He considers self-deprecation to be a comedic goldmine and appears to take real joy in his own embarrassment, effectively casting himself as the affable loser. But behind this façade, Blake has been quietly cultivating a lifestyle in which his benevolent perverseness is allowed to prosper. Now he’s Blake Dunlop, master of his own weird domain.