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Show & Tell. Artist Peter Collis

Peter Collis has worked with clay nearly all of his life. The main focus to his work has been the handling of shape and surface. He creates pure form vessels, which he then treats in a wide range of methods. Crackle glazes, textured engobes and rich colour all enhance these surfaces and complement form. We are very fortunate to have Peter part of the KINA family. His works are flawless, smoothe and beg to be touched. 


We popped into the studio he shares with his wife and fellow artist Julie. (You might recognise her from recent Vodafone ads)  Enjoy taking a look at the images below of these two working in their home studio in Auckland's North Shore. Get to know Peter a bit better in the Q & A at the bottom of the page. 


Click here to see some of their collaborative pieces available at KINA.



How long have you been creating? Has it always been in this medium?

40 years and yes its always been clay


Who taught you or how did you learn your craft?

Mainly self taught, but spent time with Neil Grant in the early 1970’s


If you weren’t creating your art works what would you be doing?

Been Prime Minster


Have you passed your techniques onto others?

Have taught over 2000 people in weekend workshops, Diploma courses. Have had 28 individuals work in our workshop over the last 35 years.


Is there a specific piece you have created that is dearest to you heart? If so, why?

The next prefect one. Still looking.


If you could plan your perfect day what would it consist of from start to finish?

To finish what I set out to do.


What is your favourite meal and who would prepare it for you?

Sidart restaurant. Anything he cooks is great.


If you were to be an animal which one would you be?

Giraffe, sick of being short.