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Show & Tell. Debrina Altered Artist

You may have seen Debrina's work before as she was part of our most recent 200 x 200 exhibition. Her pieces were the ones with all of the red dots just minutes after the doors opening. We are happy to announce she is having an exhibition here at KINA with another New Plymouth artist, Julianne Lafferty.
Come to the opening night of 'Light + Shadow Sea + Air'  this Friday April 4th at 5pm.
Read on to get to know Debrina Altered a bit more and see inside her creative studio space.
For those of who can't come to the opening all works in the exhibition can be viewed online the following Monday.


To see other new works at KINA click here


How long have you been creating? Has it always been in this medium? 

I've been creating since I was a preschooler. My earliest memory is pasting cut out magazine pictures into a scrap book with my mum's home made glue.  Mum effectively got me into the art of collage!  It's absolutely a medium I still favour as a mixed media and assemblage artist.


Who taught you or how did you learn your craft?

I was tertiary schooled in design and I have many years of experience in international collaborations.  I like to think that I am, in fact, mainly collaboratively trained; however, I'm mostly self taught in my current medium.


If you weren’t creating your art works what would you be doing?



Have you passed your techniques onto others?

Yes, I've taught workshops for a few years now: my most memorable one was teaching a bunch of librarians how to make ceramic robot pendants.


Is there a specific piece you have created that is dearest to you heart? If so, why?

Yes, it is actually a series of sketches and careful drawings produced when I was in my final year of high school. I strongly believe I had a better eye for drawing then than I do now. There was something very free and natural in my drawing style at the time.


If you could plan your perfect day what would it consist of from start to finish?

I'd start my morning hanging out at Puke Ariki, exploring both the North and South wings, then I'd take some art books out from the library and go home, review my sketches and photos and notes from the museum side and my books from the library side and start to create.  

I would be fed by my good friend and neighbour who is a chef (aka a food artist) and I would make sure the husband kept the six year old at bay while I created for the rest of the day. 

Nearing the end of the day, I'd put down my paintbrush and get ready to go out to a perfectly civilised evening with my friends from the Society of Dreamers, a marvellous and eclectic group of creative thinkers in New Plymouth.


What is your favourite meal and who would prepare it for you?

Paneer Makhani and fresh salad and it would be New Sai who would prepare it because they are wonderful and handsome young men who make their food with love...and, blissfully, they are just around the corner from where we live.


If you were to be an animal which one would you be?

A turtle: a long, lazy life with plenty of time to contemplate and the ability to hide when I wanted to.