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Grimm Exhibition

Come along into the dark forests of Brothers Grimm, where Wicked Wolves await, and where you might come across a palace of wonders or a witch who will transform you.

Where children are transformed into birds and frogs become princes.

Where the Bremen Town musicians might perform a tune and a wolf wears a night gown.

Where four artists: Marita Green, Michele Irving, Rieko Woodford-Robinson and Vaune Mason explore the world of Grimm fairy tales.

Grimm abounds with opportunities for child-doll maker Marita Green; the cherubic archetypes of innocence and purity which are the metaphors of her doll language.  But rather than a superficial Disney gloss, her Happily-Ever-Afters have become gritty and tactile with two Evil wild wolf dolls and twelve sad voiceless children.

Michele Irving working in fabric and paper explores the animals of Grimm.  Animals who love and enjoy life or are filled with sorrow: Animals who dream of a better life.

Rieko Woodford-Robinson’s portraits of very old and much loved soft toys seem to be a little reluctant to reveal their stories, where as her anthropomorphic animals are placed in sceneries that seem to be taken from almost forgotten childhood tales.  

Vaune Mason is inspired by the familiar stories of hapless children turned into beasts and birds, and the ensuing struggle for these children to regain their true form. As part of her work for Grimm, Vaune has created ‘The Raven Children’ - a series of doll-like sculptures of children in varying stages of transformation from child to bird and back.


7 March – 1 April 2014

Kina NZ Design + Artspace, 101 Devon Street West, New Plymouth