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Show & Tell. Jane Galloway Artist

We invite you to get to know one of our artists Jane Galloway. She is a contemporary print designer, painter, watercolour artist......etc. Jane's list of artistic talents could go on and on. 
Read on to get to know Jane and see what makes her tick.


How long have you been creating? Has it always been in this medium?

When I was young there was no TV to entertain us kids but we always had art materials. Many hours were spent making murals between the 3 of us or drawing. I seem to remember doing lots of drawings of ballet dancers as I was having lessons. When I won a half-crown (50 cents) in a competition, this was real encouragement!


Who taught you or how did you learn your craft? 

I didn’t take lessons and didn’t really have any teaching at school. Learning to look at art and analyse it was really the approach so if you were interested you would do your own thing. We never studied individual artists and tried to emulate their styles as my daughter did at high school.


If you weren’t creating your art works what would you be doing?

I wish I could also be an architect, a house builder, a fabric designer….. 


Have you passed your techniques onto others? 

No I haven’t although I have been asked to. I think if you love doing art you will develop your own expression of your ideas. I do admire artists who have had the dedication and time to travel and learn from different teachers but it seems that staking your own claim to an individual area of expression is very important, even if the work itself lacks “finish”. Now it is often more about the ideas even though art is a visual medium.


Is there a specific piece you have created that is dearest to you heart? If so, why?

I did a painting of my daughter dancing along the beach in Raglan. In it she is painted 4 times as she dances by, with the main portrait of her looking out of the painting. Her glance captures just a moment in time. When I look at it, it reminds me that every moment of life holds such potential.


If you were to be an animal which one would you be?

Honestly? I’d rather be human. I’m sure animals can’t enjoy, feel and understand as we can.